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AFINTA DEC Hyundai Hydrogen Hype

Hyundai hydrogen hype!

While the majority of truck companies are heading towards electric propulsion for the future, Hyundai is heading in a different direction, that of hydrogen power and this will be their focus for the foreseeable future.

Why is Hyundai going down the hydrogen path?

The main reason Hyundai is choosing the hydrogen route is due to environmental and practical elements. According to the Hydrogen Council, “fuel cell electric vehicles (also called FCEVs) are more efficient than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles”. FCEV’s also produce 0 tailpipe emissions as well as practical advantages which include long-range travel and fast refuelling. By 2050 113 million FCEVs could save almost 68 million tonnes of fuel and reduce carbon emissions by over 200 million tonnes.

When will Hyundai’s trucks be powered by hydrogen?

By 2028, Hyundai plans for all its trucks, buses, and coaches to have fuel cells installed.



And what about trucks powered by hydrogen?

The world’s first fuel cell heavy-duty truck, the XCIENT Fuel Cell, was released by Hyundai in 2020 and has continued to mass produce a much-improved version of the truck, with over 46 of these upgraded trucks already working in Switzerland.

Won’t these vehicles be expensive?

Hyundai has stated that they are working on releasing a cheaper version of the fuel cell by 2023. This new fuel cell will offer “significantly improved durability and output”. Over the past 20 years, Hyundai has been able to reduce fuel cell costs heavily and by 2030 they hope to price their fuel cell vehicle at a similar price to battery-electric vehicles.

Is Hyundai alone in this mission or belief?

No, the Hyundai hydrogen council has stated that hydrogen energy will make up 18% of the global energy demand by 2050. If hydrogen becomes widely used, it could help reduce COby around 6 billion tonnes per year, while creating new jobs for over 30 million people.



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