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After-Hour Services call out numbers for all our stores

After-Hour Services call out numbers for all our stores

JHB: 082 7832 571 

Durban: 083 3257 859

P.E: 084 7611 140

East London: 083 3265 773

Cape Town: 083 3265 138

Nelspruit: 083 3263 524

Bloemfontein: 066 4810 152



UD Euro 5 truck range

(Global launch of new Euro 5 | UD Trucks Global, 2021) Introducing the new Euro 5, Quester and Croner trucks, …


Hydrogen Trucks, The future of green transport

Hydrogen trucks are on the rise. Their ability to match petrol and diesel trucks without the disadvantages of burning fossil …


Electric trucks may go mainstream sooner than you think

The whole transportation industry is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. Volvo Trucks’ goal is for the whole product …


World’s largest KANJI drawn by a UD truck with Active Steering

On July 1, in conjunction with the launch of UD Active Steering in Japan, UD Trucks used calligraphy to illustrate …

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