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FUSO Introduces the all-new Canter

FUSO, one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers will be launching the all-new FUSO Canter Light – Duty truck in Europe. Not only is this model a jaw-dropper, but also comes with improvements in safety and comfort.

Due to its class-leading turning circle, payload, and great adaptability, the FUSO Canter has been a global hit in the light-duty vehicle industry for decades. Since its introduction to the market in 1963, the FUSO Canter has sold over 4.5 million units worldwide.

What to expect?

The new Canter also has a redesigned front face that mixes historical brand design elements with a modern design language, bridging the gap between form and functionality in a sturdy light-duty truck. It also represents FUSO’s Black Belt design identity, which can be found in the Japanese brand’s other automobiles.

The new Canter has extortionary safety features to detect moving vulnerable road users on the passenger side of the truck through radar sensors. This advanced safety feature alerts whenever it detects any risk of collision when the driver is steering towards the passenger side or has turned on the passenger side turn signal.

FUSO has made ongoing advancements to its light-duty truck throughout the years in order to meet customer demands. The new Canter has an incredibly low interior noise level thanks to increased noise insulation. The driver can easily maneuver in the city because of the large cab and outstanding all-around sight.

We are so excited for the new FUSO Canter to arrive in South Africa. In the meantime, remember to get your European truck parts at AfintaPart, your partner on the long road ahead.



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