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Guidelines for a truck driving job interview

In the truck driving career, you need to pass several tests before you are given a job. Here are a few guidelines as to what you can expect when you are called for a truck driving job interview.


When you arrive at the interview venue, the interviewer will ask for your qualifications according to the requirements. Some of the documents that may be required are your driver’s license, PrDP, passport, Defensive Driving Certificate, DGP, Police clearance certificate, Medical Certificate, CV and references.

After receiving your documents, the interviewer makes a careful and critical examination of the documents to see if you qualify for the job.

Verbal interview

Some employers prefer conversing directly with you, be mindful that this is their chance to test your communication skills and confidence.

You can also be asked truck related questions, like if you stated in your CV that you drove a Volvo, be prepared to answer questions as trivial as, where is the oil dipstick situated?

You can also be asked questions as tricky as, how to do the K53 pre-trip inspection? You just need to be prepared to answer any kind of question that proves that you at some point went through the K53.

Yard test

If you make it to this point you are likely to get the job, just avoid being nervous. Make sure you understand these terms used in the trucking industry, alley docking, straight reverse, blindside reverse and sight side reverse.

Dover test

Be prepared to take a Dover test, simply explained as the eye-hand-foot coordination and reaction test.

The Dover tests your eye-hand-foot + basic manual co-ordination, reactions to stimuli in various environmental conditions, auditory discrimination, estimation of the speed/direction of moving objects, basic decision-making abilities and concentration levels under monotonous circumstances.

Road test

Usually the last part of a truck driving job interview, here you are expected to drive professionally as instructed by the interviewer. Listen attentively and follow what you are instructed to do. Follow the road rules, signs and markings.

In between the mention points, some employers may subject you to a polygraph test popularly known as the lie detector. It is a great tool that employers use to check if you were truthful in your interview.



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