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New Technology Coming To The World of Trucking in 2022


The world of trucks is constantly evolving. With constant change comes a lot of risks. Making the right investment choices and equipping a truck with quality gear is tougher than ever with all the options to choose from. Here are a few of the new innovations in trucking.

Autonomous vehicles

The concept of self-driving cars has made some big headway in the truck and vehicle work recently. More and more companies are investing in autonomous technology and the first working prototypes are now being displayed across the world. While autonomous trucks are still a bit further away due to size and safety, there is definitely an interest in autonomous trucking companies in the future and solving some of trucking biggest problems, such as safety and high staff turnover rate.

Collision Mitigation Technology

Trucking is a very dangerous job, not only for the driver but for other people on the road. Collision mitigation technology is the solution to many of these dangers. It makes use of video, radar and sensors to review and reduce risks when driving. Investing in preventative technology will not only reduce risk but also long term expenses like repairs.

Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices are part of trucking regulations that not only help keep trucks in compliance with the law but keep records of useful safety and productivity data. These ELDs will improve the status of the business if they are shown to be safe and efficient using the data collected.

Dynamic Routing

A key variable in the world of trucking is route optimization. The introduction of dynamic routing has allowed for the combination of various hardware and software to create a real-time best option for every step of the way for the drivers. Not only will it help drivers avoid busy roads, but also conserve fuel which is a major win for any trucking company.




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