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The Scania R900 KIVARA Means Business!

Meet the Scania R900 KIVARA! A one-of-a-kind custom racing truck built by Bayside Truck & Trailer Solutions in Cape Town for its owner Kamal Mitoo of Time Link Cargo.

The project took 24 months to complete under the supervision of Scania South Africa’s Research & development manager, Bengt Fura. It features many custom modifications alongside a hand-built drivetrain for this 900hp beast.

Bayside Truck & Trailer Solutions were trusted with the monumental task of creating the custom body and interior that really sets this truck apart. First, they re-upholstered the interior in leather and then added a custom 12-speaker sound system, they also gave the truck a tech upgrade by removing the rearview mirrors and replacing them with cameras!

On the exterior one immediately notices the two chromed exhaust pipes that run across the chassis to below the rear spoiler. Adding custom bumpers and side cladding combined with a matte black paint job makes it clear this is no normal truck!

In the engine department the KIVARA runs a bespoke hybrid marine/truck engine that produces 900hp (671kW) and comes equipped with a dual nitrous-oxide system, this combines to generate a monstrous 1400hp (1044kW)! To put all that power down the rear tyres are a whopping 385-width and one can bet that even with that rubber it’s still likely a handful!

So why Scania and where did the name KIVARA come from? As the owner of Time Link Cargo, Mitoo has run a full Scania fleet of trucks since its inception, as for the name, KIVARA is made form his daughter’s and son’s names.






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