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World’s largest KANJI drawn by a UD truck with Active Steering

On July 1, in conjunction with the launch of UD Active Steering in Japan, UD Trucks used calligraphy to illustrate the technology’s steering precision, drawing the world’s largest KANJI (Japanese character) ever drawn by a truck. The character for “technique,” or WAZA in Japanese, was drawn by a heavy-duty Quon equipped with UD Active Steering.
Gyousyou Suzuki, a renowned calligrapher, collaborated on the Giant Masterpiece. The rear of the UD Active Steering-equipped Quon was adorned with a massive brush. On Suzuki’s orders, the truck drew the character stroke after stroke, with dexterity comparable to the calligrapher’s delicate and careful hand and brush movements. This feat was made possible by the ability to drive the vehicle with such a light touch, even with just one finger.

About Gyousyou Suzuki’s:

Gyousyou Suzuki is a member of the All-Japan Calligraphy Federation and studied under master calligraphy Gyoun Mochizuki. For his work, he has garnered various prizes and distinctions. His art has appeared in advertisements and on television shows. He’s also the author of several calligraphy books.
UD Trucks has a long history of product innovation, and the introduction of UD Active Steering is one of the company’s most noteworthy.
UD Trucks is a leading Japanese commercial vehicle solutions company with operations in over 60 countries across the globe. The company has been an innovator with a clear goal to supply the trucks and services that the world requires today since its founding in 1935.
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